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Taylor Atwood gives his programming advice, technical tips, and background!

Taylor Atwood Height: 5'6 Weight class: 74kg/163lbPowerlifting accomplishments: 2018 IPF World Champion / 5x USAPL National ChampionComp PRs: Squat: 277.5kg Bench: 193kg (Gym: 201kg) Deadlift: 310kgRecords Broken: Current 74kg IPF Total WR / Current USA Squat / Bench / Total Country: USA Social Media: Instagram @t_atwood KOTL: Did any family members strength train or play sports? My dad did strength training and pretty much all the male cousins I have played sports growing up. I was always the runt of the group given they were older than me, so it pushed me to play and compete harder KOTL: Do you have a background in other sports? Football / Basketball (I actually liked playing basketball more than anything growing up, but...

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