Ben Pollack gives 5 tips to improve your deadlift!!



Elite Powerlifter Ben Pollack gives you 5 important tips to improve your deadlift!!!

  1. If you pull sumo, incorporate some conventional training, and vice versa.
  2. Perfect your technique. I think many people consider the deadlift a relatively simple lift, but it’s just as technical as the squat and bench press.  (I’ll plug my technique book here:
  3. I think both touch-and-go and dead-stop deadlifts are fine, but you need to be smart about which one you choose. If you’re weak off the ground, training touch-and-go is just going to exacerbate that weakness, so you should probably pull dead-stop.  Conversely, if you have a weak lockout, it might be worth trying some touch-and-go.
  4. Train your grip. Even if it’s not currently a weakness, if you let it become one, it’s very difficult and frustrating to fix.
  5. Don’t pull too often. In contrast to the bench, deadlifts are pretty challenging to recover from and pulling more than 2x a week is probably too much for many people.

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    Thank you for sharing this great information! I’ll use it wisely!

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