IPF Bench King TD tells you how to improve your bench!

KOTL: What are 5 tips you have for increasing a Bench Press?
1. Trust The Process
3. Do not use overload tools all the time and then expect the same results when you bench without them
4. Leg drive is very important. Even as a bench only, you need to train legs... 
5. The stronger your core is, the more stable the weight is. Don't skip core.
KOTL: In your opinion, what are the 3 most important assistance training exercises?
1. Core is super important for all 3 lifts. Keeps everything tight.
2. Body weight and seated dips are essential while building a big bench.
3. A lot of accessory work is okay, but it is important to go just as hard on accessory work as it is for main lifts. They are the key for building the little things up. 
KOTL: How often do you use heavy singles, and how close to a competition?
I personally love to work on heavy singles to watch my progression and speed on my projected opener. 
KOTL: What's one thing you see the most people do wrong with training?
I see a lot of new lifters who tend to do weird things such as add 30-50 pounds to their max for percentage training. Its not the smart thing to do. Trust the numbers because numbers don't lie. No need to add extra pounds to your max percentage. Learn to build up to it.
KOTL: What's something you see a lot of people do in training you don't agree with?
I believe that people need to pause rep more on bench. Especially if you're training for a meet. The only time I touch and go is if I'm in off-season which I don't even do it that much in off-season. Practice how you compete. 
KOTL: What's one thing you think people don't do in training that they should?
I believe that people should film in different angles if possible. I will switch up angles just to get a better view of my whole body especially benching. You can find the most simple mistake with film and it could make a big difference. 


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