Taylor Atwood gives his programming advice, technical tips, and background!

Taylor Atwood

Height: 5'6
Weight class: 74kg/163lb
Powerlifting accomplishments: 2018 IPF World Champion / 5x USAPL National Champion
Comp PRs: Squat: 277.5kg Bench: 193kg (Gym: 201kg) Deadlift: 310kg

Records Broken: Current 74kg IPF Total WR / Current USA Squat / Bench / Total
Country: USA
Social Media: Instagram @t_atwood

KOTL: Did any family members strength train or play sports? My dad did strength training and pretty much all the male cousins I have played sports growing up. I was always the runt of the group given they were older than me, so it pushed me to play and compete harder

KOTL: Do you have a background in other sports? Football / Basketball (I actually liked playing basketball more than anything growing up, but given my height restraints...I stuck to football

KOTL: What is your favorite lift, and has it always been your favorite lift? Squat...Yes

KOTL: What is your proudest moment in Powerlifting? Winning my First IPF World Championship

KOTL: What are your Future goals? Be the strongest in the World with the new IPF points system

KOTL: What is the funniest thing you have seen in the sport? My face after I thought I got 3 red lights after my 3rd attempt on deadlifts at 2018 USAPL Raw Nationals

KOTL: What is the biggest upset win you seen? Sam Calhoun beating Jen Thompson at 2018 Raw Nationals

KOTL: Who are your rivals in the sport, and do you have any stories about competing with them? Kjell Bakkelund...not a rival, but he's my best competition...looking forward to the battle at 2019 IPF World's

KOTL: Do you weight cut? Do you water cut? What does your weight cut look like? I do, but only about 4-5 lbs...I really just track macros about 6 weeks out and watch sodium levels about 1 week out

KOTL: Do you prefer RPE or percentage based off 1 rep max? % is my preference, but I auto-regulate if necessary

KOTL: Who does your programming? Jason Tremblay / Ben Esgro of The Strength Guys

KOTL: How often do you use volume (and how many reps in a set) compared to high intensity lower rep ranges? Higher volume my max reps get around 9-10 and higher intensities I do a lot of 3's and 1's

KOTL: How often do you use heavy singles, and how close to a competition? Yes, 1 week out I go ~95%

KOTL: What is one thing you see the most people do wrong with training? Not enough specificity...they think that a lot of variation will help (which it does and has a place within programming), but I see a lot of programming with lack of doing enough of the Big 3

KOTL: What is something you see a lot of people do in training you don't agree with? Squeezing their glutes at the top of the squat...My thinking is that they believe they are strengthening their glutes, but in reality they are going into hyperextension and putting their L5-S1 at risk of injury

KOTL: In your opinion, what are the 3 most important assistance training exercises? Inverted rows (for bench) GHR (Hamstring health) Proper warm up for getting body ready to lift heavy shit

KOTL: What are 5 tips you have for increasing a Bench Press?

1. Retracting scapula

2. A lot of back and deltoidassistance work

3. Specificity (Competition benching)

4. If you're not seeing progress,do more sets in a week (more volume)

5. Get a coach or watch some top bench pressers on social media and know what they're doing

Best Regards,

Taylor Atwood
General Manager | The Strength Guys Inc.


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