US Open athlete Mark Plummer exclusive Q and A!!

Name: Mark Plummer Nickname: Ric Flair

Height: 5’6
Weight class: 198 for now

Medals won (mention a few competitions) or biggest Powerlifting accomplishments: Common wealth championships 4 gold medals including the atwr bench and total for sub junior 93 kilo class.

Current competition PRs/gym PRs: gym PR’s 805lbs - 510- 730 at 21 years old Country: Canada
Social Media: the_jacked_ric_flair

KOTL: Do you have siblings? Only child
Did any family members strength train or play sports? Basketball, volley ball, snow skate and wake boarding Competitive gymnastics at a younger age

KOTL: Where you always strong? Yes, I squatted and deadlifted 500 pounds in just 6 months of training.

KOTL: What is your favorite lift, and has it always been your favorite lift? Squat, I want to be like doctor squat, deep heavy weight and its the base of life. It pushes you down and you need to stand up.

KOTL: What are your Future goals? The ATWR for 198 at 21 years old 

KOTL: How you would like to be remembered? As the greatest and best looking lifter alive with no if and or buts

KOTL: Who inspires you and why? Everyone who lifts weights we are all in this together, bodybuilders cross fitters powerlifters we all motivate each other everyday!

KOTL: What would you change about the game? Nothing at all, Strong is strong, No looks no nothing, the strongest man wins.

Do you weight cut? Do you water cut? What does your weight cut look like?

Day 1 8l of water, no carb no salt.

Day 2 10liter of water no carb no salt

Day 3 8l of water, no carb no salt.

Day 4 4l of water, no carb no salt.

Day 5 2l of water, no carb no salt.

Day 6 No water, no food for 24 hours

Weigh in day

KOTL: Do you prefer RPE or percentage based off 1 rep max?

I hate RPE, Every lift in my mind is easy and if its RPE 10 I still can add 10 pounds get get in the right mental state to hit it. RPE work is for people that don’t like hitting the numbers they are suppose to and its an excuse for them not too IMO No hate.

KOTL: Who does your programming? Myself and Jay Nera my coach, I do all offseason Jay does all meet preps

KOTL: How often do you use volume (and how many reps in a set) compared to high intensity lower rep ranges? I train6-7 days a week like a bodybuilder I only do powerlifting for my compound lifts

KOTL: How often do you use heavy singles, and how close to a competition? I only really do doubles leading up to the competition at 100% or 102.5% of my old max

KOTL: What's one thing you see the most people do wrong with training? Lack intensity

What's something you see a lot of people do in training you don't agree with? RPE work 

KOTL: In your opinion, what are the 3 most important assistance training exercises? All of them, I think no one assistance work is best, you should squat like a powerlifter then train legs- bench like a powerlifter then train chest like a bodybuilder deadlift like a PLer then train back like a bodybuilder then add a shoulder and an arm day. 

What are 3 tips you have for increasing a Bench Press?

1- Frequency- my bench went up the fastest when I wasn’t in the 500lb range when I would bench 2-3 times a week 2 volume days 1 heavy day

2- form Perfect form.
3- Take your shoulders out of the movement and use your back

KOTL: What are 5 tips you have for increasing a Squat?
1- Always do your down work if you do in sleeves not wraps

2- The hip abductor machines are your best friends start or end every squat day with them 3- if depth is an issue try taking a quarter step wider

4- Box squat are amazing for taking more load. I used to box squat 550+ at 17 years old just to get used to heavier weights

5- Perfect form, every rep is the same, and control your breathing. Thank you greatly for your time, and the answers you gave!

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